Changing image quality

This post provides a quick guide to change the quality of an image that is served from ImageKit. You can read a more detailed documentation here.

URL Transformation – Yes
Parameter – q (from 1 to 100)

Dashboard Setting – Yes
Settings > Image quality setting > Default Quality dropdown

1. Automatic quality selection without specifying quality in the URL

Recommended. The default quality value from your dashboard settings is selected in this case.

JPEG image without q parameter – 17.2KB,f-jpg/medium_cafe_B1iTdD0C.jpg

2. Quality 75

Generally considered a mid-range quality level (75-85) that is suitable for a lot of images.

JPEG with q=75, 10.9KB,f-jpg,q-75/medium_cafe_B1iTdD0C.jpg


3. Quality 40

Generally considered a low-range quality level as artefacts begin to appear in most of the images.

JPEG with q=40, 6.7KB,f-jpg,q-40/medium_cafe_B1iTdD0C.jpg

4. Quality 95

Generally considered a high-range quality level and is not necessary for most of the images because of now perceptible quality increase when compared to mid-range quality levels.

JPEG with q=95, 28.4KB,f-jpg,q-95/medium_cafe_B1iTdD0C.jpg

You can refer to the detailed documentation here to get more options about image quality (q).