image storage

An unlimited image storage is available for all customers registering on ImageKit. The storage is built over AWS S3 storage and is spread across the globe for high performance and configured to ensure high availability.

Currently, ImageKit storage is available in 3 regions – Singapore, Frankfurt (Germany) and Virginia (US).

Selection of image storage region

ImageKit automatically selects the storage location for you based on the country that you specify while registering on ImageKit.

Use of ImageKit storage

You can use the ImageKit storage to store your images. You can use the dashboard or the image upload APIs to upload images for your storage. Additionally, the image storage is also used to store the transformed and optimized versions of your images.

Availability of ImageKit storage

While we strive for 100% uptime, the image storage has a 99.9% SLA. The primary storage also has a backup secondary storage for all the images directly uploaded to the storage. This is done to improve availability and to counter any unexpected failures. This secondary backup is automatically created for all our customers, new or old, without any extra cost.

Fair usage

We do not charge for using the storage at all. But, we also expect you to use the storage fairly. ImageKit is essentially an image optimization and transformation product. We would love if you use it mainly for fulfilling these two purposes.

So, as long as your main purpose of using ImageKit is to deliver optimized and transformed images on your website or app and your storage consumption is less than the bandwidth consumption in a calendar month, we do not charge for the storage. If you need additional storage beyond what is available for free, then you can send us an email on with your requirements.