Image optimization is essential for your website. Now you can do it for free!

Image optimization should be accessible to everyone.

Lighter and automatic responsive images with Client Hints

ImageKit, with it's support of Client Hints, can now automatically deliver responsive images and lighter images without you changing the image URL. Learn how to start using it.

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How SVG optimization can help in improving website speed?

SVG codes can be full of irrelevant attributes, making the resultant image much heavier. Learn how SVG optimization can help in improving page load speed.

What is Image Optimization and Why is it Important for a Website?

Optimizing web images is a process of delivering the high-quality images in the right format, dimension, size, and resolution while keeping the smallest possible size.

10 Points Checklist to Optimize Your Store for Black Friday Deals

Explore this 10 points checklist to optimize your store for Black Friday deals and boost your website conversions. Check now.

Modify Cache Key in Akamai based upon Request Header Value

Learn how to modify cache keys based upon request header value. You can achieve this without Cache ID modification behavior enabled on your account. This technique comes handy when you want to serve a WebP image in supported browsers.

How to Improve Page Load Speed of a Magento Store?

Check out how to improve the Page Load Speed of Magento Store. Learn these 10 tips to optimize your store and boost the conversion rates.

5 Best Practices of Image Management

These five best practices of image management will help you in achieving a smooth and efficient process to handle all your website images.

Review of ImageKit on FinancesOnline

ImageKit has grabbed the “Rising Star” and “Great User Experience” awards from FinancesOnline.Read the detailed review of ImageKit here.

Automatic Best Image Format Selection

The right format for a particular image depends upon the content of that image and available format support in the requesting browser (or device). ImageKit can automate this selection for you with a simple setting.

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How to Prepare Your Shopify Store for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale?

Prepare your Shopify Store for the Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale. Follow these tips and make your store ready for this holiday season.

How to Increase Conversions on Your Shopify Store?

Learn how to Increase Conversions on your Shopify Store. Optimize your product pages and boost your sale numbers.

Shopify SEO Tips – How to Optimize Your Shopify Store

Check out these Shopify SEO tips to improve your website ranking and optimize your Shopify Store for more conversions and traffic.

Image Optimization for SEO – 8 Must Know Tips

Learn how to optimize images for SEO. Understand these image optimization tips and improve your website's SEO ranking.

Common Mistakes in handling the Website Images and their Solutions

From our day to day experiences, ImageKit is going to list down some common image optimization mistakes and their solutions as well. Apply these tips and deliver the optimized images on your websites.

Using a Content Delivery Network to Improve Website Performance

A CDN is defined as the Content Delivery Network. In simplest words, a CDN provides the fastest way to deliver content from your website application to the people based on their geographical location. Learn more about CDN with ImageKit.

How to Optimize Images on a WordPress Website?

There are many factors which can slow down your WordPress website. One of them is images. Let's find out the best methods to optimize images on a WordPress website.

Advanced Smart Crop – intelligent, automatic image cropping with ImageKit

Smart Crop is a feature that analyses the content of an image and intelligently focusses on the most important part of the image for cropping allowing you to create perfect thumbnails

Website speed testing – Are you doing it right?

Website speed testing is of great interest to every webmaster. Learn how you can measure website speed accurately by focussing on the correct metrics.

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Website image optimization in less than 10 minutes

It takes just 10 minutes to integrate on any website. And all your new and existing images will be automatically optimized and delivered

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Image optimization goes well beyond performance improvement

Apart from page load performance, image optimization helps you by improving your website's SEO, engagement, conversions and revenues.

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How do you prepare for an AWS S3 outage?

With 99.9% availability SLA, 8 hours of downtime is a huge loss for any company which is serious about doing business online. Read more to find out about various techniques and what we do at ImageKit.

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Is a multi-cloud strategy right for a startup ?

No one wants to put all their eggs in one basket, neither should you. It’s not worth the risk, you may lose the game before even starting

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How to deliver responsive images across multiple devices

Responsive images are great not only for improving the overall UX of your responsive website but can also help you save crucial infrastructure costs.

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HTTP/2 vs HTTP/1 – performance comparison?

HTTP/2 gives you a great performance boost. And you should be using it right now.

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How to reduce unauthorised use of image URLs

A few basic techniques that can reduce the possibilities of someone misusing your image URL on their website or app

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How to handle loading of images that may not exist?

Since images form a critical part of our application, ensuring that the UX is not broken because of data issues with images is equally important.

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5 essential image optimization techniques for web and mobile apps

Being such a critical component of e-commerce, news, fashion, blogs and travel portals, it is important to know how to optimize images to deliver an amazing experience for your users.

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JPEG vs PNG vs GIF — which image format to use and when?

In this post, we would only be looking at the three most commonly used image formats in websites and mobile applications — JPEG, PNG and GIF.

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