$9/ 20GB bandwidth
Min Bill $18 per month
URL-based image manipulation
Resize, crop, rotate, blur, watermark & smart crop in real-time.
Unlimited thumbnail storage
No charge for storage of thumbnails. Only bandwidth based pricing.
Automatic image optimization
Automatic browser and content-based format conversion. WebP and animated WebP support.
Unlimited image transformations
No charge based upon number of image transformations. Create as many thumbnails as you want.
Fast CDN
CloudFront CDN, 107 POPs in 55 cities across 24 countries.
Global core processing network
Get much better performance & higher availability at no extra cost.
Can I use my domain name for serving images?
Yes, ImageKit.io supports custom CNAME with SSL. Minimum monthly billing of $200 is required to avail this feature. Write to us at developer@imagekit.io to set up this for your account.
Can I integrate my existing CDN with imageKit?
Yes, our team will help with all the necessary configuration changes. Minimum monthly billing of $300 is required to avail this feature.
I don't know my bandwidth requirements, how do I estimate costing with ImageKit?
Don't worry, talk to us on chat and we will help you estimate the costing. We will try our best to offer unlimited usage 14-days trial to help you estimate usage with ImageKit.
Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of support is available with ImageKit?
We offer chat & email(developer@imagekit.io) support to everyone. You can start a chat on the website or dashboard. Phone support is available for enterprise customers.
What is the SLA for support?
While ImageKit.io strives for a 100% uptime, if the uptime falls below 99.9%, then ImageKit.io shall pay compensation to the tune of ten percent (10%) to such a User which shall be adjusted with the following month’s bill cycle. You can track uptime and incidents on our status page
Is there any limitation in trial plan?
Yes, the trial plan is only valid for 14 days. Also, there is a bandwidth limitation of 500GB during the trial period. After that you will need to upgrade or your account will be disabled images will become inaccessible. You can access them later when you upgrade.
Will uploaded images be deleted after trial expires?
No, your images are safe with us. Just upgrade your plan to access them.
When am I billed?
ImageKit.io bills you in the first week of every calendar month for the usage of the previous month.

For example, your usage in May will be billed in the first week of June. Invoices are usually sent on the 3rd of every month.

How do I view and pay the invoice?
ImageKit.io sends the invoice to the email specified in the "Billing" section of your ImageKit dashboard. The payment link is present in the email. Additionally, the invoices can also be seen and paid from the "Invoice" section of your ImageKit dashboard.
How many days do I have to make the bill payment?
The due date will be indicated on your invoice. Normally, the due date is 10 days after the invoice has been created.
What are the supported payment methods?
Non-Indian customers can pay via a credit card or a Paypal account. Indian customers can pay via any of the payment options supported by Razorpay payment gateway. Razorpay currently supports all cards, bank transfers, UPI and wallets for payments.
What if I do not make the payment till the due date?
We recommend you to pay bills before due date. In case you missed due date, we will send reminders and reserve the right to disable your account. In that case all your image requests will end in 403 response till the account is activated again.
Example of bill calculation
Bill is calculated based upon your monthly bandwidth consumption. We do not charge based upon the number of image transformations, requests or storage of thumbnails.

Assuming that your usage in a given month is 90GB.

Then the bill will be -
Bandwidth Units = (90/20) = 4.5. Rounded off to next integer i.e 5 units

Cost = 5 units x $9 = $45
Total Bill (excluding applicable taxes, if any) = $45

Is there minimum billing even if I don't use included bandwidth?
Yes, there is minimum billing of $18 per month. So technically you will be paying $18 per month while your usage is below 40GB per month.
What if I need extra image storage for my website or app?
If you need extra image storage for images that you do not intend on delivering eventually, then additional storage is available at $10 per 100GB.
What is meant by fair usage of storage?
ImageKit storage can be used to store images. But ImageKit is essentially an image delivery and optimisation service and we would like if you don't just store your images on ImageKit but also use them on your website or app. So, as long as you upload images to ImageKit with the intent of using it to deliver those images, storage is not charged.

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