You can easily calculate your current bandwidth consumption by analyzing the network requests from your page using developer tools.

Now multiply this number by the montly page views and you will reach an approximate bandwidth consumption.

Note that with ImageKit your bandwidth consumption will be reduced significantly and we charge on that reduced bandwidth.

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Best-in-class CDN, global network of image optimisation servers and a failure-proof image storage
30-day free trial
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per month
Includes 20GB bandwidth
and thereafter
$10 per 20GB bandwidth
How to calculate bandwidth consumption
  • Global image processing servers
  • Global CDN for delivery
  • Failure-proof image storage
  • Unlimited image requests
  • Unlimited image transformations
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ImageKit Bill Calculator

Current monthly bandwidth consumption
Current bandwidth usage
on your website as selected above
Estimated usage with ImageKit
with a 40-60% size optimization that our customers usually achieve
Estimated bill with ImageKit
For , including CDN, image optimizations, transformations, storage etc
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Pricing & Billing FAQs

Questions related to billing

Q. When am I billed? bills you in the first week of every calendar month for the usage of previous month.

For example, your usage in the month of May will be billed in the first week of June. Invoices are usually sent on the 3rd of every month.

Q. How is the bill calculated?
ImageKit charges you only on the basis of bandwidth consumption. Image requests or transformations are not charged. Also, as long as you use the storage fairly (read 'Questions related to storage'), image storage is also not charged.
Q. What if I do not use the included bandwidth quota?
The fixed cost associated with the plan is the minimum amount that will be charged.

For example, if you are on the $19 per month plan which includes 20GB bandwidth, but use only 6GB bandwidth in the month, you will be charged the fixed cost associated with the plan i.e. $19 for that month.

Q. How is additional bandwidth usage calculated?
If your plan includes 20GB bandwidth, and you use 50GB bandwidth in a month, then
Additional Usage = 50GB - 20GB = 30GB

Since each unit of additional bandwidth usage is of 20GB, in this case, you will be billed for 2 units of additional bandwidth.

Q. Example of bill calculation
Assuming you are on the $19 / month plan which includes 20GB bandwidth and your usage in a month is 90GB.

Then the bill will be -
Additional Bandwidth Usage = 90GB - 20GB = 70GB
Additional Bandwidth Units = 4 units of 20GB

Fixed Cost = $19
Additional Cost = 4 units x $10 = $40
Total Bill (excluding applicable taxes, if any) = $59

Q. How do I view and pay the invoice? sends the invoice to the email specified in the "Billing" section of your ImageKit dashboard. The payment link is present in the email. Additionally, the invoices can also been seen and paid from the "Invoice" section of your ImageKit dashboard.
Q. How may days do I have to make the bill payment?
The due date will be indicated on your invoice. Normally, the due date is 10 days after the invoice has been created.
Q. What are the supported payment methods?
Non-Indian customers can pay via a credit card or a Paypal account. Indian customers can pay via any of the payment options supported by Razorpay payment gateway. Razorpay currently supports all cards, bank transfers, UPI and wallets for payments.
Q. What if I do not make the payment till the due date?
ImageKit may send a reminder for payment even after the due date. Also, if the bill is not paid till the due date, then ImageKit may stop delivering images for your account.

Questions related to storage

Q. What is meant by fair usage of storage?
ImageKit storage can be used to store images. But ImageKit is essentially an image delivery and optimisation service and we would like if you don't just store your images on ImageKit but also use them on your website or app. So, as long as you upload images to ImageKit with the intent of using it to deliver those images, storage is not charged.
Q. What if I need extra image storage for my website or app?
If you need extra image storage for images that you do not intend on delivering eventually, then additional storage is available at $10 per 100GB.

Questions related to trial plan

Q. What is the purpose of a trial plan?
The trial plan is meant only to test the features and performance of ImageKit for your use case. We do not recommend going live with ImageKit's trial plan on your main website or app.
Q. Are there any limits in the trial plan?
While the trial plan is fully featured, it is limited to 30-days of free usage up to a maximum of 5GB bandwidth and 2GB storage.
Q. What if I exceed the limits of the trial plan?
ImageKit will notify you to upgrade the unlimited paid plan. If you do not upgrade and continue to use the trial plan beyond the specified limits, ImageKit may block services for your account.