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Billing and Subscription

Learn how to manage your billing, subscription, and invoices with

You can manage your billing details from the Billing center in the dashboard. Here, you can update the company name, billing email, company address, and tax ID to be used on your invoices.

You can view your current subscription's pricing plan and inclusions here. You can also update your payment method or cancel the subscription here. To understand different pricing parameters and inclusions, refer to this document.

Go to the invoice section to view and download invoices and view your upcoming bill. ImageKit invoices are created at the beginning of each month for usage in the previous month.

ImageKit uses Stripe for payment processing. If you see some of the past invoices as due and have paid those invoices or are facing issues with automatic payments on your credit card, please contact our support team for assistance.

Billing alerts

Managing your billing is crucial to ensure you stay within budget and optimize your usage. Setting up billing alerts allows you to receive timely notifications about your account's billing status. This guide will walk you through creating, managing, and understanding billing alerts with

You can also access account usage information programmatically using the analytics API to build custom usage-based alerts.

Creating a billing alert

You can follow the following steps to set up billing alerts:

  1. Navigate to your billing alerts page here
  2. Enter the "Threshold amount" in the form
  3. Press "Enter" or click on the "Save" button

You may also review your recent invoices to find a suitable billing threshold amount.

Deleting a billing alert

  1. Navigate to your billing alerts page here
  2. Click on the "Remove alert" button

Notifications for billing alerts

Users with account administrator and finance roles in your account will receive specific billing alerts.

Read more on different user roles here. The alert will be issued whenever the upcoming invoice exceeds the defined threshold amount. This alert is sent once a month.