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Tagging media assets

Learn how to add tags to your files to organize and manage them more effectively in the media library.

Tags are keywords or labels that you can assign to your files to organize and manage them more effectively. Tags help you quickly find files.

Add tags on files

You can add tags to files at the time of upload or after uploading them. Tags can only be added to files and not to folders or collections.

To add/edit tags on a file, right-click to open the context menu and select the "Tags" option. You can add, edit, or delete tags from the file.

While adding tags, as you type, you will see suggestions based on the tags already present in the Media Library. You can select from the suggestions or add a new tag. Learn more about managing suggested tags. Suggestions are shown to minimize the chance of team members creating similar tags with different spellings or capitalization.

AI-powered auto-tagging

ImageKit DAM provides AI-powered auto-tagging that automatically assigns tags to your files based on their content. The auto-tagging feature uses machine-learning algorithms to analyze the file's content and assign relevant tags. This feature helps you organize and search for files more effectively.

To add tags using AI, click the "Add auto tags" option from the image's context menu or detail page. To view the AI tags, open the asset detail page and look under the "Tags" section.

ImageKit leverages powerful label detection APIs by Google Cloud Vision and Amazon Rekognition to provide accurate and relevant tags for your files. Select the maximum number of tags you want to add to the file and click the "Add auto tags" button.

Once the tags are added, you can view them in the tags section of the asset detail page.

Watch and learn how to add AI tags to your files

Searching using tags

As you type in the search bar, ImageKit automatically shows assets with one or more tags matching the search query.

Learn more about searching in ImageKit DAM.

Managing suggested tags

You can manage suggested tags in the Media Library settings. You can see the list and delete any suggested tags you don't want to use.