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User management

Manage users, user groups, roles, and permissions in your ImageKit account.

Under the User Management section in the dashboard, you can add, edit, and delete users and assign them specific roles. When you add a new user, they receive an email to set their account password. Alternatively, they can log in with Google using the same email to access the account.

You can also create user groups like Marketing Team, Sales Team, etc., and add users to these groups. The user groups can be used to share and collaborate in the DAM.

Only a user with an Account Administrator role can manage users and groups.

Depending on your plan, the number of users you can create might be capped, and you may receive an error when trying to add more users. Please contact the support team to raise this cap.

User Roles

ImageKit has predefined roles you can assign to users. These roles align with the most common access requirements in teams.

You can select a user's role when adding or editing them.

  • Account Administrator: Account administrators have access to everything.
  • Developer: Developers have access to all account features and settings except user management, billing, and subscription.
  • Media Library Full Access: Users with this role have full access to the Media Library. They can upload, delete, and manage assets. They can also view and manage audit logs for the Media Library. However, they cannot access account settings, user management, billing, or subscriptions.
  • Media Library View-only Access: Users with this role can only view assets in the Media Library. They cannot upload, delete, or manage assets. They can also view audit logs for the Media Library.
  • Media Library Restricted Access: A user with this role has restricted access to the Media Library. This user can only access and work on the files, folders, and media collections shared with them based on their permission level.
  • Finance: Users with this role can view billing, subscription, usage analytics, and invoices. They can also cancel the subscription and update the payment method.

User groups

User groups combine different users under a logical group, mimicking how we function as teams at work. Adding users to groups makes it easier to share assets in the DAM with the entire group or team in one go.

For example, all Marketing team members would need access to upload to the "Social Media Ads" folder. You can add all team members to a "Marketing team" group and share the relevant folder with them, providing each individual with the necessary access in one go.

To create, edit, or delete user groups, go to the user groups section in the dashboard.

User group limits

  • There are no limits to the number of users that can be added to a user group.
  • You can create at most five user groups. Please contact the support team if you want to create more user groups.
  • A user group's name is case insensitive and has to be unique. The name can only contain alphabets, numbers, and spaces.

Multi-factor authentication

Your ImageKit dashboard is the central location for all your media assets and delivery configurations. You should secure access to it using a strong password. But, to ensure even better security, we recommend using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to log in to your account.

MFA adds a layer of protection to the login process. A one-time password is generated and sent to the user's registered email address, which is required for additional identity verification.

At the moment, ImageKit supports MFA only by email.

You can either enforce MFA for all users in your account or enable it for your account individually.

Enforce MFA for all users

If you have administrator privileges on your ImageKit account, you can enforce MFA for all the users in your account from the User Management page.

A user cannot override this setting on their profile.

Enable MFA on your profile

Every user can enable MFA for their account from their User Profile page.

This option is unavailable if an account administrator has enforced MFA for all users belonging to that account.

Single sign-on

Learn how to set up Single Sign-On (SSO) for your ImageKit account here.