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Create Video Thumbnails

Learn how to create video thumbnails using

To get the first frame from the video ik-thumbnail.jpg after the video resource URL.


Basic example

Get thumbnail from a specific time point

To get the snapshot from a specific time point, use the so parameter.

Transformations on video thumbnails

You can transform the output image using following transformation parameters. You can also add layers to add text and image overlay on top of the video thumbnail.

For example, to resize the thumbnail to 300px width, use the w parameter.

wSpecify the width.
hSpecify the height.
arAspect ratio of output, when either width or height is specified.
cCropping method. Accepts force, at_max, and at_least.
cmCrop mode. Supports extract and pad_resize.
foRelative focus area used during cropping. Accpets center, top, left, bottom, right, top_left, top_right, bottom_left and bottom_right.
bThis adds a border to the image. It accepts two parameters - the width of the border and the color of the border in format b-<border-width>-<hex code>
bgIt is used to specify the background that can be used along with some cropping strategies while resizing or applying border-radius (r). You can choose either a solid color (using standard-browser-colors, RGB hex code, or RGBA hex code to specify color) or a blurred version of the image (using the syntax blurred[_<BlurIntensity>][_<Brightness>]). Example: bg-red, bg-AAFF00, bg-AAFF0010, bg-blurred, bg-blurred_25_N15.
rIt is used to control the radius of the corner. To get a circle or oval shape, set the value to max. (Background color can be specified with bg parameter)
soStart offset of the video in seconds to pick thumbnail from a specific time point.