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Common Video Transformations

Learn about common video transformations like rotation, border, background, and more.

Background - (bg)

It is used to specify the background when using crop-mode pad_resize or border-radius (r). The background can be any solid color or blurred frame of the video.

Default value - By default, the background is black.

Solid color background

  • RGB Hex code: A 6-digit hex code (eg. AAFF00, 0f0fac).
  • RGBA Hex code: An 8-digit hex code. Last two characters must be a number between 00 and 99, specifying the opacity level (eg. AAFF0040, 0f0fac75),
  • Color name: A standard color name in lowercase (eg. lightgreen, beige),

Blurred background

Syntax: blurred[_<BlurIntensity>][_<Brightness>]

Blur intensityauto or an integer from 0 to 100Set the intensity of blur'auto'
BrightnessInteger from N255 to 255Negative value to make background darker and positive value to make the background lighter0

Limitation: Blurred background can only be used with cm-pad_resize

Blur intensity auto: The intensity of blur is automatically adjusted based on the provided height (h) & width (w) in the transformation.

Border - (b)

This adds a border to the video. It accepts two parameters - the width of the border and the color of the border.

Usage - b-<border-width>_<hex code>

The width is specified as a number which is equivalent to the border width in pixels. The color code is specified as a 6-character hex code RRGGBB.

You can also provide an arithmetic expression such as ih_div_20_red, or cw_mul_0.05_FF00FF as a value for this parameter. Doing so will first calculate the value of the width and then apply transformations using that value. Learn more about arithmetic expressions here.

Radius - (r)

Get a video with a rounded corner. Control the radius of the corner using this parameter. To get a circle or oval shape, set the value to max.

Usage - r-<value>

Possible values - Any positive integer or max.

You can also change the background color of the video from the default black color using the background parameter.

Rotate - (rt)

It is used to specify the degree by which the output video must be rotated.

Possible values0 , 90 , 180 , 270 and 360.