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Quick start guides

Integrate ImageKit into your application with quick start guides for different programming languages, frameworks, and CMS.

We maintain SDKs for various front-end, back-end, and mobile platforms and have listed plugins in marketplaces like WordPress, Magento, etc. The following quick start guides will help you integrate ImageKit using SDKs.


Front-end guides cover the following media use cases:

  • Loading optimized images & videos.
  • Basic resizing & cropping of images & videos.
  • Adding text & image overlays.
  • Using chained transformations to apply multiple transformations in a single request.
  • Lazy loading images.
  • Low-quality image placeholders.
  • File upload, tagging, and metadata operations.

Choose your technology to get started with ImageKit:

All front-end SDKs use the ImageKit Javascript SDK. For more control and customization, use the JS SDK directly in your application.

Mobile platforms

We have native SDKs for iOS and Android. These SDKs cover the following media use cases:

  • Construcing URLs for optimized images & videos, including adaptive bitrate streaming for videos.
  • Loading optimized images & videos. Android SDK integrates with popular image-loading libraries like Glide, Picasso, Coil, and Fresco.
  • Responsive image loading.
  • File upload and upload policy to control network type, retry policy, and more.
  • Preprocessing images & videos before upload to control file size, dimensions, etc.

iOS SDK needs to catch up with Android SDK regarding features and updates. We are working on bringing the iOS SDK at par with the Android SDK.


Back-end guides cover the following media use cases:

  • URL construction for optimized images & videos, including applying transformations.
  • Generating signed URLs for secure delivery of media.
  • Generating authentication parameters to facilitate secure upload from the client side.
  • File upload, tagging, and metadata operations.
  • Developer-friendly wrapper functions for media management APIs.

CMS & E-commerce platforms

Sample applications & tutorials

We publish tutorials on blogs providing step-by-step instructions along with full code snippets. Here are a few tutorials that you might find interesting: