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Custom Metadata

Attach structured metadata to assets in your ImageKit DAM to add additional information, customize asset organization, and simplify the search.

Custom metadata allows you to add extra information to your files, folders, and collections in ImageKit DAM.

For example, you can store information like Brand, SKU ID, Product Category, and other relevant information for your use case. Later, you can search assets based on the values of these custom metadata fields.

Before you can set custom metadata on assets (files, folders, and collections), you need to create the fields.

Creating custom metadata fields

Go to the Media Library settings and click on the "Custom Metadata" tab. Click on the "Add new" button to create a new field.

  • Field Label: Enter the label for the field. This will be displayed in the custom metadata form on the asset details page. This is only for display purposes and can be changed later.
  • Field Name: Enter the field's name. This is used during the API calls to get and set the custom metadata, and it cannot be changed later.
  • Field Type: Select the type of field. It can be Text, Textarea, Number, Date, Boolean, SingleSelect, MultiSelect. Based on the field type, validations are applied at the time of setting the custom metadata. The Field Type cannot be changed later.

You can set additional options based on the field type, such as its default value and whether it's a mandatory field.

You also have to add the options for SingleSelect and MultiSelect fields. For Text fields, you can also set minimum and maximum length. For Number fields, you can set minimum and maximum values. For Date fields, you can set minimum and maximum dates.

Setting custom metadata for files

Assuming you have created the necessary custom metadata fields, you can set custom metadata for files by editing the asset details or at the time of upload.

To set custom metadata for a file, go to the asset details page by double-clicking or right-clicking on the asset and selecting "Details" from the context menu.

On the asset details page, you will see a "Custom metadata" section on the right, where you can set values for the custom metadata fields.

Setting custom metadata for folders

You can set custom metadata for folders during folder creation or by editing the folder details.

To set custom metadata for a folder, go to the folder details page by double-clicking on it or right-clicking on it and selecting "Folder details" from the context menu. This will open a dialog where you can see and update the custom metadata fields.

Setting custom metadata for collections

Like folders, collections can have custom metadata associated with them at the time of creation or editing of the collection details.

Searching using custom metadata

You can search for assets based on custom metadata fields using advanced search. Select any defined custom metadata field and set the search criteria to filter the assets.