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Migrate to ImageKit

Easily migrate to ImageKit from Cloudinary, Imgix, Akamai, etc, without changing existing URLs.

If you are using another image or video optimization and delivery service like Cloudinary, Imgix, or Akamai, you can easily migrate to ImageKit without changing the URLs in your application. ImageKit provides tools and features that make the migration process seamless and easy. These capabilities have helped companies migrate in days instead of months with zero downtime.

URL rewriters

URL rewriters are configured on URL endpoint under the "Advanced settings" tab. They rewrite the incoming URL to the format that ImageKit understands. This allows you to keep the existing URLs in your application and still use ImageKit for media optimization, transformation, and delivery.

For example, if you configure Cloudinary URL rewriter to the endpoint, ImageKit will accept transformations written in Cloudinary's syntax for all URLs on this endpoint.

Refer to specific URL rewriters for more details:

Platform-specific migration guides

In addition to URL rewriters, we have created platform-specific migration guides that provide step-by-step instructions on migrating from popular services like Cloudinary, Imgix, and Akamai Image Manager to ImageKit.

Managed migration for large accounts

For large accounts, we provide managed migration services, where our team of experts will work with you to plan and execute the migration with zero downtime. We have helped companies with millions of media files. Check out our migration case studies of Swiggy to learn more.