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Central Audit Logs

Audit logs provide detailed insights into critical operations performed by all the users in your account.

Enterprise Plans only
This feature is available only on custom enterprise pricing plans.

With multiple users possibly having access to your ImageKit dashboard, organization administrators and auditors need to have information about the activities of various users inside the dashboard to diagnose and troubleshoot various issues, like configuration changes, suspicious activities, etc.

This is where audit logs come into play, providing detailed insights into operations performed by all the users in your account.

Available audit logs

Audit logs are provided for all write activities, i.e., create, update, and delete -

  • External storage
  • URL endpoints
  • Performance center
  • Developer options
  • User management
  • Billing details
  • Settings
  • Purge cache

This covers all the access and configuration-related changes inside your dashboard.

Media Library audit logs are separate from Central audit logs. They help monitor uploads, deletions, access control changes, etc., happening in the Media Library. You can read more about them here.

We store audit logs for 12 months.

Once the feature is enabled for your account, you can access audit logs inside your dashboard here.

On the Audit Logs page, you can filter audit logs by users, types of operations, and the start and end dates of the operations. After setting your criteria, click on "Submit".

If there are any logged events, information such as user, time, type of operation, and status will be displayed in a tabular format. Clicking on an event's row will load additional details about the event, including the API used, the request payload for that API, the response data received (if any), the time of operation, and the IP address that initiated this operation. The API and the associated request and response data will help you determine the exact change made during the operation.