About ImageKit.io

Helping brands all over the globe in optimising their images and delivering a great experience

Why we started ImageKit.io

We started ImageKit.io back in Oct 2016 with a simple goal - to help companies and developers quickly implement image optimization and real-time resizing in their web applications without worrying about scale and investing time in R&D.

Fast forward today, more than 400 companies and 15000 developers in 40+ countries use our product. With our customers spread across different timezones, ImageKit.io processes millions of image requests every hour, day and night, on six geographically distributed processing regions. Many small, medium & big e-commerce, travel, and news & media sites rely on our availability for running their business.

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Meet the team

We are a passionate team of 14 people working remotely with a shared goal of making image optimization & management easy for our customers.

Rahul Nanwani
CEO & Co-founder
Manu Chaudhary
CIO & Co-founder
Somesh Khatkar
CTO & Co-founder
Dhiren Sinsinwar
Head of Sales - ImageKit.io
Vaibhav Bansal
Software engineer
Niksh Nivedit
Senior software engineer
Customer Success Manager
Pradita Ekka
UI & UX Designer
Abhinav Dhiman
Software engineer
Dushyant Sharma
Mugdha Karwa
Shaibalik Pal
Head of Sales - WebSonic
Jay Parekh
Software engineer
Vignesh Krishnan
Content Marketing Manager

We are hiring

We are working on a complete frontend optimization product and looking for talented engineers to join our team. If you are looking for the next challenge and are passionate about working on large scale engineering problems, we are hiring.