84% reduction in image bandwidth
40% hike in image traffic handled during sale
100+ million images optimized in a month
Simplified development of Nykaa’s PWA
Automatic optimization and best format selection
"ImageKit allows us to deliver optimized images across web and mobile with minimal effort. We don't have to think much about compressing the images to the right level or delivering it in the right format. And it has made life simpler for our developers."
Sanjay Suri

Nykaa has been one of the fastest-growing e-commerce stores, catering to cosmetics and beauty products. Founded in 2012, the brand has emerged as one of the biggest players in the industry in less than a decade. With product offerings ranging from luxury fragrances to grooming solutions for men, the store always has some discounts or offers running live on their website.

The challenge

On the occasion of one of the sales hosted by Nykaa, their team reached out to us for added support and services. Nykaa’s challenge proved to be a multi-folded one.

A vast array of images and devices

On any given day, the company’s website has a multitude of images including banners, thumbnails, and product images. The dimensions of these banners and images vary substantially, and they are used differently on each device. Moreover, given the sheer scale at which they operate, it isn’t possible for their in-house graphics team to manually resize and optimize each image on their site.

Varying formats

Another fact applicable across e-commerce websites is that the images are generally of different formats. This held true for Nykaa’s site as well. Some of them were in JPG format, while others were PNGs.

PNG typically works best only for logos and graphics. However, when used in photographs, the resulting file can be extremely large in size. This can, in turn, increase the size of the page and slow down the page load speed. It isn’t feasible to optimize this using a one-size-fits-all technique as PNG and JPG images require different forms of optimization.

The Sale itself

Nykaa was already familiar with the ImageKit advantage. However, the fact that the sale was inching closer meant there would be a surge in the site’s traffic. Several unique visitors were predicted for the site during the sale, and having their images weighing them down could only spell disaster for Nykaa during such a critical time.

The solution

When Nykaa approached our team with these challenges, we brainstormed ideas and came up with a multi-layered solution, many which are built into ImageKit natively and some customized specifically for Nykaa, that would address each of their concerns mentioned above.

Custom domain names

To ensure the domain names remained unchanged even after integrating their platform with ImageKit, we set up custom domain names for Nykaa and ascertained that URLs made no mention of ImageKit.

Different image storages and servers

Images on Nykaa are distributed across different storages and servers depending upon their use cases. With ImageKit, Nykaa was able to add multiple storages and servers as image origins and start delivering optimized images from them immediately.

No movement or re-upload of images, no extensive setup for optimization, just a few clicks and entries in the ImageKit dashboard, and done! Add to that, the flexibility to add more storages or servers in the future as their infrastructure evolves, always ensuring the delivery of optimized images on their websites and apps.

Varying formats

ImageKit automatically determines the best possible output format for an image based on different factors like format support, image content, quality, transparency, etc. By converting PNG images to JPG, or WebP images wherever possible, we ensured that the image size was reduced significantly, by 50%.

Here, even though the formats of the images were changed when using on a website, the URLs remained unaltered. This took a load off the developers as, with ImageKit, they no longer needed to worry about using specific parameters in the original URL to ensure conversion to the right format. ImageKit takes care of all those details automatically.

Easy integration

Nykaa was in the process of developing its progressive web app (PWA) around the time we partnered with them, and today, they’ve seamlessly integrated ImageKit as their default optimization service on the app. They also utilize ImageKit’s real-time URL-based image transformation parameters to deliver perfectly sized images across various devices.


For any issues, or even support on best practices for particular use cases, ImageKit provided Nykaa with dedicated phone and email support. During the sale, ImageKit’s team worked closely with Nykaa’s technology team ensuring everyone was prepared to handle the surge in traffic smoothly.

We provided 24-hour support, with added personnel for the hour the sale was to go live, in case any issues or queries were raised. We also ensured complete transparency and visibility to Nykaa’s team by looping them in about the infrastructure-level changes made by ImageKit’s team to fulfil with their requirements.

The results

During their sale period, Nykaa’s traffic of image rendering went up by over 40%. Integrating their platform with ImageKit gave Nykaa a multifold advantage. ImageKit efficiently scaled to support the spike in their image traffic. There was a significant reduction of 84% in the size of their images with zero compromise and no changes in image quality, resulting in a great user experience and conversions.

Image Optimization and transformation

This image from Nykaa’s site is around 110 KB, while this one optimized with ImageKit is only 42KB. This image can be further resized for mobile devices, and the size comes down to 17.7KB. This translates to over 84% reduction in image size with zero compromises in image quality, and a perfect image experience for mobile.

By applying this solution to each image on their site in just a few minutes, we ensured that the site loaded faster, and the images were optimized across platforms seamlessly

"ImageKit team has been really helpful with their support or even if we have some doubts. Their team is just a call away and they are able to explain things very well and resolve all our queries in just a few hours."
Ankit Pandey
Lead Engineer, NYKAA.COM