"Effortlessly switched from our in-house image resizing solution to ImageKit. It helped make our web pages load faster on different devices and simplified our image workflow. It also helped us reduce infrastructure cost!"
Bharanidharan Viswanathan
CEO - 91mobiles - 91mobiles

The Challenge

91mobiles.com publishes fresh content daily related to mobile devices, other gadgets, latest news, comparisons, reviews of new products including rich visuals. And when it comes to buying a smartphone or comparing various gadgets, images play a significant role. So, it was important for 91mobiles to include high-quality images of the gadgets to provide an excellent browsing experience to its visitors. Delivering high-quality images was not only enough, but it has to take care of its website’s page load size also.

The Solution

To achieve all these milestones, it became a priority for 91mobiles to optimize its website images across all platforms be it mobile devices or desktops. 91mobiles was looking for an easy-to-implement solution which can handle their image issues. And here comes the role of ImageKit.io.

10-Minutes Integration with ImageKit.io

ImageKit was the perfect solution for 91mobiles as we offer real-time image optimization, URL based transformations, and image resizing with minimal changes in a company’s existing infrastructure. It took only 10 minutes for 91mobiles to integrate their website with ImageKit.io. The process was very smooth & easy as expected by 91mobiles.

91mobiles uses its own servers and Akamai’s CDN to store & serve images. As ImageKit.io provides a smooth integration with multiple legacy image origins, so it was easy for 91mobiles to integrate ImageKit with their origin servers.

The Result – Saving 3.5 TB Bandwidth Monthly

After using ImageKit’s real-time image optimization solutions, 91mobiles is saving 3.5 TB of Bandwidth monthly and delivering optimized images across all platforms. Here are some stats before and after using ImageKit:

91Mobiles Imagekit Case study

The image showing the performance stats of 91Mobiles before and after using ImageKit’s Real-Time Image Optimization

So, before using ImageKit.io, the total bandwidth used to deliver content was 12 TB for 91mobiles. But, after the real-time image resizing and optimization provided by ImageKit, 91mobiles significantly saved 3.5 TB of bandwidth, thus improving the overall website performance and providing a better & fast browsing experience to users. ImageKit.io has simplified the image workflow of 91mobiles and helped them in managing & resizing their website images across all platforms.