About ImageKit.io


ImageKit.io is a ready-to-use image optimisation and transformation server for web and mobile app developers. It comes along with a dedicated storage and a global CDN delivery network. You can get started with ImageKit.io in a few minutes and get up to 50% improvement in image load time as soon as you switch to ImageKit.io ImageKit.io helps deliver highly optimised images on your websites and mobile apps without worrying about setting up or maintaining your own image delivery and transformation infrastructure. You can plug your existing image sources or servers to your ImageKit account or upload new images directly to your ImageKit storage. All images, original or transformed, new or old, are delivered from our high-performance servers and distributed using a global CDN network.

Our Aim

To help the developers use the best-in-class image optimisation and delivery network without getting into research and development process around images. With this in mind, we have built ImageKit.io in such a way that it can be integrated into your old image serving solution, or started from scratch, in just a few minutes. With our auto-optimisation servers, it takes less than 10 minutes to integrate ImageKit.io and deliver optimised images on all platforms.

Why did we build ImageKit.io?

There are countless ways of building an image server. Plus, there are hundreds of devices each with different capabilities in terms of supported image formats and rendering images. Add to that building an optimisation server and a transformation server that can cater to these wide gamut of devices and storing these transformed images at a suitable location.


The entire process can be tough for developers especially when images are not your core business. Also for most companies the requirements around images are common which makes this task of building an image server and a delivery network repetitive. And with even a wide variety of image serving solutions available in the market, given the complexity of options available, developers do not use them to their full potential leaving them with sub-standard image experience even after spending those extra dollars.


ImageKit.io was launched in 2016 with the aim to make it easy for developers to use the best image serving solution within minutes and getting the maximum possible performance with minimum effort. All that we do, or try to do in the future, whether it is focussed around image delivery, optimisation, uploads or any other advanced technology, it will have the same core value - "Maximum performance with zero or minimum effort".

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