Image manipulation

Resized 300x200,h-200/sample_image.jpeg
Smart crop 200x200,h-200,fo-auto/sample_image.jpeg
Blured resized 300x200,h-200,bl-3/sample_image.jpeg

Resize, crop, rotate using URL parameters

All the available transformations like resize, crop, rotate etc. can be applied on any image directly from the image URL.

Smart Cropping

Different images need to be cropped differently to preserve the most important parts while cropping. Deliver perfectly cropped images on each device using Smart Crop for a great user experience.

Image Watermarking

Watermark your images in real-time and control the position of the watermark using URL parameters.
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Works with your existing storage

Use your own S3 bucket and server

It takes just 5 minutes to connect with all leading platforms like - Amazon S3, Wordpress, Magento, Shopify or any other web server. Just attach your existing image storage or server to your ImageKit account, and you’re good to go.

Instant optimizations

You don’t need to re-upload your existing images to ImageKit. These images become accessible via ImageKit as soon as you attach your image storage or web server to ImageKit.

Intelligent default optimizations

All optimizations work by default as soon as you start delivering images via ImageKit. Even without specifying them in the URL. ImageKit automatically selects the best image format and the optimum image quality for delivery!
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Image optimization

Same quality, smaller size

ImageKit uses a combination of lossy and lossless compression techniques to deliver images at a significantly reduced size without compromising on quality.

Automatic format conversion with WebP

On same URL, ImageKit delivers the image in best possible image format depending upon browser support and image content.

GIF Image optimization

Automatically converts GIF images to the smaller animated WebP format on supported devices. Same animated image at one-third the original size.
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Digital Assets Management


There are no limits to the number of images that can be stored with ImageKit. Your allocated storage grows as your business grows.

Easy Management

ImageKit comes with an easy to use media library where you can upload, view and manage all your images and their transformations.

Your storage. Your choice.

You can continue to use your own storage and plug it into ImageKit. Or use ImageKit's storage for your images. ImageKit manipulates and optimises all image requests on-the-fly.

URL-based resize & crop for perfect responsive images

  • No need to create & store multiple variations of the same image
  • DPR-ready responsive images across devices
  • Automatic resizing and data saver support with Client Hints
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Add Overlay, blur, background color and more

  • Add an overlay to image in real-time, precisely control position using X and Y
  • Add Blur, Background, Radius, etc
  • Numeric and automatic rotate of image based on orientation metadata
  • Give alias to complex transformations strings
  • Chained transformations to use the output from one transformation as an input for another
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Smart Crop with face and feature detection

ImageKit automatically identifies the most important part in the image and ensures that it is present in the final resized and cropped image. Generate meaningful thumbnails.
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Automate image optimization

Images delivered via are optimized using lossy and lossless compression methods to ensure the smallest possible size without any perceptible visual difference. Some of the optimizations that help reduce image size are:
  • Automatic best format selection
  • Image quality & metadata optimization
  • Animated GIF & SVG image optimization
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Easy integration with leading platforms

It takes just 5 minutes to connect with all leading platforms. You can easily integrate ImageKit into existing infrastructure.
  • Integrate with - Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Magento, Shopify, WordPress
  • Or any web server accessible over the internet
  • Serve all static assets including JS, CSS, PDF and TXT files
  • Basic video delivery
Integrate into your existing infrastructure

Custom domain and custom CDN integration

Use your domain name for serving images and other static assets. ImageKit can be integrated with custom CDN as well.
  • Use custom domain name, e.g.
  • Integrate with your CDN like Akamai, AWS CloudFront, Fastly, CloudFlare, Azure and Google CDN
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Secure Image Access
Prevent unauthorized use of your resources using signed URLs. Option to restrict unnamed transformations. Secure upload.
Automatic cross-region replication
We replicate uploaded images in multiple regions with automatic failovers. Use ImageKit's storage and upload images to the cloud.
Easily purge cache from the dashboard or using admin API. Remove cache from ImageKit server & CDN. Serve newer version of to your visitors.
Global CDN + Multi-region image processing nodes
Get much better performance for your visitors globally, even when you are using your storage for example Amazon S3, EC2 server or shared web hosting server.

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