Automatic image optimizations

Optimizations based on format, content, quality and browser-support
done by default to ensure the best experience for your users.

Intelligent best format selection intelligently converts your images to the best possible format before delivery ensuring minimum image size on each device. A few optimizations that are done on your images are based on -

  • Automatic conversion to WebP format based on browser support
  • Best format selection based on the format of the original image
  • Best format selection based on contents of the original image
Image Optimization with ImageKit

Image quality and metadata optimization

Using both lossless and lossy compression methods, ImageKit ensures the smallest possible size without any perceptible visual difference. You can control the quality and metadata optimizations from your dashboard or image URL as follows -

  • Change the default output image quality
  • Control subsampling in JPEG images
  • Control image metadata that is preserved in the output image
  • Control the PNG compression mode
  • Increased optimization for users on data-saver mode
Quality and Metadata optimizations

Animated GIF and SVG optimization

  • 30% smaller images with automatic conversion from animated GIF to animated WebP on supported browsers
  • 40% smaller SVG images using standard optimization techniques

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