Streamline how your marketing teams
work with ImageKit DAM

Use ImageKit DAM as a central hub for managing and organizing digital marketing assets
like images, videos and graphics, facilitating collaboration across your team.

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Consolidate and organize your Digital Marketing Assets

Productive time wasted tracking digital marketing assets across a dozen different tools?

Move to a new marketing asset organization system with ImageKit:

  • Centralize all marketing assets in ImageKit DAM: From images & videos to social graphics, ad creatives, and more
  • Custom Metadata and AI Tagging: Intuitively organize assets tailored to your team's workflow
  • Media Collections: Virtually group your marketing team's assets and folders without duplication or reorganization hassles
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Get Marketing and Tech Teams Together

Invite everyone your marketing team works with, internal or external, to your DAM.

  • Grant granular view, upload, or manage access, ensuring everyone has the permissions they need to do their best work
  • Securely share assets externally from your DAM with shareable, password-protected public links
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Help marketing teams search faster with AI

“Hey, can you send me that file you created last week? The 'red' one. Thanks!”

“Can you quickly share the Sales Deck for mid-size Eastern European telecom companies with James?”

Sounds familiar?

ImageKit's lightning-fast search uses AI to suggest relevant files as you type and can find assets that visually match a query.

The advanced search lets your team combine multiple parameters, such as metadata, tags, and file attributes, to help pinpoint the exact assets they need for a marketing campaign.

Marketing teams with DAM ship assets faster, together

Keep everyone in the loop on the brand and use the latest versions.

  • Gather feedback on every marketing asset within your DAM
  • Iterate on these assets using built-in AI-powered background removal and image editor and see every change tracked in one place
  • Publish assets confidently when you are ready, knowing everyone has access to the most recent, approved version
  • Track asset and account-level updates with audit logs
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Bridge the gap between Marketing and Tech teams

ImageKit is more than just Digital Asset Management for Marketing. It's the secret to better collaboration with your tech team.

  • Invite your tech team directly to your DAM with tailored access that fits their needs
  • Deliver assets on websites and apps directly from the DAM with real-time compression, transformation, and streaming capabilities built-in
  • APIs to allow the tech team to integrate file upload and DAM workflows in any internal CMS or app
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