URL-based resize and crop for responsive images

Effortlessly deliver perfect responsive images on each device
for a great browsing experience for your users

Real-time URL-based image transformations

  • Create multiple sizes of the same image in real-time directly from the URL
  • Easily adapt your images to layout changes
  • No need for resizing scripts or Photoshop to create multiple sizes
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Image resizing and cropping

Responsive images across devices with DPR support

Combining the URL-based resize and crop transforms with the DPR transform and browser capabilities around image size selection, you can deliver responsive images across devices.

  • Deliver images perfectly resized for each device
  • Support high density displays using the DPR transform
  • Restrict maximum image dimensions for desktop and mobile devices
Responsive Images with ImageKit

Automatic resizing with Client Hints

Supports the relatively new specification of client hints, designed to make delivering responsive images simpler in modern browsers.

  • Automatic resizing of images on supported browsers
  • Control aspect ratio for output images.
  • Fallback width support for browsers not supporting client hints
  • DPR adjustment based on the DPR client hint
More about client hints

Advanced smart cropping

Automatically identifies the most important part in your image and crops the image around that part. Create perfect thumbnails every time.

  • Supports profile face detection for single and multiple faces
  • Feature detection
Smart Crop

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