Building stunning video experiences
has never been easier

A unique, real-time video processing API to process, transform, and stream videos across devices
directly from the video's URL without worrying about intricate architecture details.

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Bypass complex architecture with a simple real-time URL-based API

Stream: Attach your current video storage or upload the video to our DAM and stream it right away.

Transform in real-time: Transform and optimize videos by directly changing the URL.

Scale: Different devices, different platforms. We ensure a smooth, buffer-free streaming experience for all your viewers every time.

Optimized progressive streaming across all devices

ImageKit's intelligent format conversion and compression algorithms dynamically assess various factors, including browser support, to convert videos in a suitable format like MP4 or WebM (VP9 or AV1) at the smallest possible size.

No need for any URL changes or intricate configurations.

Optimized progressive streaming across all devices

URL-based Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABS)

Get HLS and DASH streaming capabilities for pre-recorded videos in real-time just by modifying the video URL.

  • Control the protocol and resolutions directly from the URL
  • Seamless compatibility with any video player
  • Works with videos hosted on your cloud storage as well
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Transforming videos is as simple as tweaking the URL

A unique real-time video transformation API to unlock the full potential of your video repository.

Adapt videos for any screen
Lighter animated experiences

Programmatically transform videos at scale

Grab audience attention with overlays

Faster streaming of videos globally

ImageKit's high-performance, reliable media delivery network with built-in optimizations ensures video streaming in milliseconds.

  • AWS Cloudfront CDN with 450+ nodes for fast load time globally
  • Six processing regions for faster processing and compliance
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime SLA
Faster streaming of videos globally

Secure your videos against any misuse

Built-in infra and application-level security features ensure your videos are used only for your business.

The same API for transforming images as for videos

Our unified URL-based Media Processing API seamlessly caters to both images and videos.

Simplify your development with ease—no complex setups or multiple asynchronous tools required.

Works natively with diverse storage locations

ImageKit integrates with all popular cloud storages and HTTP servers.

Whether you store images across multiple locations, or migrate cloud storages in the future, ImageKit ensures real-time optimized delivery and transformations for your images.

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GDPR Ready - ImageKit
ISO 27001:2013 Compliant - ImageKit